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Testimonials and Reviews

Looking for reviews of the Cannabis Hemp Academy? Here are some comments from students who have completed the Certified Cannabis Specialist training program.

This is a great course for any professional looking to break in to the industry.
-- Jason B.

I received lots of information taking this course. I feel like all the instructors gave in-depth classes. Great course!
-- Dylan B.

I would recommend the Certification Program as a good starting point for anyone looking for a job in the industry. -- Teresa S.

Nice program. Great information. The legal class answered a lot of questions.
-- Aaron W.

I tried one course, and it was so easy to follow and yet so well-informed that I decided to enroll in the whole program.
-- Lisa H.

This course made me feel confident as I start my medical marijuana business. I am excited to experiment with all of the different medicine-making techniques taught in the course.
-- Lisa O.

Every aspect of the whole class is amazing the instructors did an awesome job! I can't believe how in depth they go with the cannabis world. I am currently recommending this to my "best buds." -- W.C.

I am very grateful for the all the courses offered through the Cannabis Hemp Academy. I will using this valuable information in the Montana legislature to educate our government officials. The courses were very informational and well-delivered. I look forward to many of your courses as I begin my career as a educator in cannabis/hemp industries.
-- Kimberly A. W.

As a medical marijuana patient and new marijuana business owner, I found this education program extremely beneficial. I truly believe that having this certification will add credibility to me as a business owner in the marijuana industry.
--- Barbara J.

If you are looking for a certification course in general cannabis knowledge either to enhance your current healing practice or for your own medical needs, I would highly recommend this course. The videos are well produced and taught by licensed or certified professionals who are obviously knowledgeable on their topics. The information presented in this program was much more than one is able to learn in the average dispensary and would be useful for dispensary employees as the knowledge gained would greatly enhance the patient experience.
-- Barbara P.

It was enlightening, enriching and educational. After five years of self-study on the cannabis plant and therapies, I was searching for a course to earn a certification where I would learn some something new. I did learn a few new things, especially from Deanna Gabriel and Robert Corry.
-- Robbin L.

Cannabis Hemp Academy helped take my general knowledge of cannabis and turned it into a legitimate, certified education. They make learning the material fun by keeping it simple and adding in humor in addition to providing important facts and information in an organized fashion. Also, the handouts were helpful and even crucial in helping to pass the exams. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get into the industry or who just wants to learn more about cannabis. Two thumbs WAY up. Keep up the good work!
--- Josh D.

As an individual, working in the legal, law enforcement profession and a business man, I searched out a course which I thought would educate me thoroughly, from A thru Z, and this course was it. The course was delivered very professionally, by knowledgeable professionals, and it exceeded my expectations. This course is excellent if your serious about the business opportunities, activism or seeking to gain further knowledge about the wealth of health benefits to us all.
--- Edward Y.

The Cannabis Hemp Academy provided excellent lessons with intellectual teachers. Not only did the Certification Program explain every aspect of cannabis therapy, they also did it in an efficient manner. They provided keen details that got straight to the point and were understandable. I would tell anyone who is thinking about taking this program to definitely consider it 100%! It's entirely worth it and the Certification covers every aspect that one would wish to learn about the cannabis industry. I have already recommended it to my friends! Don't miss out on an amazing opportunity to really grasp the basic concepts of the cannabis industry and therapeutic education.
--- Amanda H.

Regardless whether you're a novice to the cannabis industry or have been familiar with marijuana for decades, this course will provide you with something you did not know.
--- Dante N.

This program is freaking amazing. I can't believe how in depth they go with the cannabis world. I am currently recommending this to my "best buds."
--- Willis C.

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