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Cannabis Jobs and Careers

Cannabis Jobs and Careers

Whether you are looking for a new job or you are looking to enhance your current professional skills, specialization in cannabis is a great career choice. There are dozens of positions in every aspect of the cannabis industry. It has been said that cannabis and hemp present more career opportunities than any other new industry has in the past 100 years.

Here are just a few business areas where jobs and business opportunities have opened up in the cannabis industry. As a Certified Cannabis Specialist™, Certified Cannabis Professional™ or Certified Cannabis Caregiver™, your training and expertise will allow you to stand out from the crowd in these various fields.

Bud-tender: Work the counter at a cannabis dispensary

Business services: Incorporation, payroll, human resources, banking

Cannabis concentrates: Production experts, sales and repair of extraction devices, equipment technicians

Cultivation equipment: Lighting, seeds, grow equipment repair

Cannabis production: Cultivation expert, trimming, grow room design (large and small)

Caregiving services: Cultivation, medicine-making, education, consultant, errands, advocacy

Compliance consultant: The ever-changing cannabis regulatory field makes cannabis law experts indispensible.

Cultivation supplies: Seed banks, nutrients, fertilizers, containers, watering systems, lighting systems, worm castings

Cannabis tour guide: Give people safe and informative tours to cannabis dispensaries

Delivery services: Transportation, caregiving

Dispensary manager: Manage a dispensary or collective of cannabis providers or patients.

Distribution: Dispensary, collective, caregiver, delivery service

Edible specialist: Fine cannabis food cook or consultant

Electrical: Grow room design, repair and inspection

Financial: Bookkeeping, banking, credit cards, loans, financial advising, investor groups, payment processing

Healthcare: Nursing, hospice, physician referral, massage, acupuncture, alternative medicine

Health educator: Spread the word about cannabis through educational consulting or live seminars.

Graphic design: Cannabis packaging, logos, websites and promotional materials are in high-demand

Information Technology (IT): Computers supply, computer repair, management and Point-of-Sale (POS) software

Infused products: Edibles, oils, tinctures, beverages, botanicals, supplements

Insurance: Property, liability, business, health

Lab Technician: Testing cannabis

Legal services: Contracts, mediation, consultation, business practices, incorporation

Marijuana law: The ever-changing cannabis regulatory field makes cannabis law experts indispensible.

Marketing and public relations: Websites, graphic design

Media: Trade magazines, social networking sites

Medical equipment: Production and sales of pipes, papers, vaporizers, grinders, containers, cases, glass pipes

Packaging: Baggies, containers, child-proof packaging

Related products: Clothing, jewelry, cannabis culture, hemp products

Real estate: Locations for cannabis business, compliance with zoning laws, consulting

Retail shop owner: Dispensary, medical marijuana center, recreational marijuana store

Seed genetics: Grow and market cannabis or hemp seeds for resale

Security: Alarm systems, security guards

Software developer: Develop software specific for the cannabis industry, such as inventory and POS

Surveillance systems: Cameras, recorders, software

Trimmer: Bud trimmers are in high demand every harvest

Cannabis Job Boards

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Mile High MMJ Patient: Mostly Colorado jobs.

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