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Can anyone take the courses?
Yes! This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in cannabis. The Certified Cannabis Specialist™ training program is designed to give an overview of all aspects of medical cannabis, so that the student has a well-rounded education.

Are these classes applicable to any state or country?
Yes! You can take these classes wherever you live! All of them are applicable to any state or country, whether you have legal cannabis or not. The current legal class that is a requirement of the certification program is focused on Colorado law, but there is plenty in that class about federal and international law, as well as general marijuana law, that will be applicable to everyone.

How does the certification program work?
You can achieve your designation as a Certified Cannabis Specialist™ or other certificate by taking all the classes listed as part of the program. After you complete the video and written modules for each course, you can take the mutiple choice exam for that course. When you successfully complete the course exam, you will get a Certificate of Completion for the individual course. Once you finish all courses, you will be awarded the designation Certified Cannabis Specialist™(CCS).

The courses required for the certification program are all online, so students can complete them any time in the comfort of their own home. Courses may be taken in any sequence and can also be taken individually.

How long does the certification program take to complete?
The average student finishes the entire 6-course Certified Cannabis Specialist™ program in 10-15 hours.

What certifications do you provide?
We provide the Cannabis Specialist Certificate™, Cannabis Professional Certificate™ and Cannabis Caregiver Certificate™. There are all certifications for professionals who are involved with medicinal cannabis or medical marijuana. Each certificate has a list of course requirements, allowing students to earn the different designations. YOU MUST SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE THE CERTIFIED CANNABIS SPECIALIST™ program before you can start on any other certificate. The Cannabis Specialist Certificate is currently $420 (minus discounts). The other certificates are a similar price.

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes! The gift of education and certification makes a great present. Click here to find out how to purchase a gift certificate.

Do you have a scholarhip program?
Yes! CHA offers scholarships for those with financial need. Apply for a scholarship by sending us an email. Please include your name, address, email and phone number, and a short description of your financial need and why you are interested in the certification program. Those awarded full scholarships will have to complete the program within 30 days.

Are these courses required by any state?
No, none of these courses are mandatory in any state. Certificates come from the Cannabis Hemp Academy, which is a private institution. We are not affiliated with any state government or public licensing authority. The certification will help educate you about the basics of medicinal cannabis, including legal issues. The certificate will show potential employers that you are serious about your cannabis education. The training will also give you ideas on ways to start a cannabis business of your own. The courses alos give an excellent overview of the legal issues surrounding cannabis and help, which are critical to understand.

Will these courses help me get a job?
Yes! Your designation as a Certified Cannabis Specialist™ shows that you are serious about your cannabis education. The certification will help you stand out from the crowd of applicants for cannabis jobs, just as education in any field will help employers notice your resume. The program better prepares you to work and succeed in your chosen industry. After you are certified, CHA provides you with a list of skills and topics that you have mastered that you can give to a potential employer. This skills list will help them understand and appreciate what you have learned in the program.

Will these courses help me start my own business?
Yes! The certification program will also give you an idea of where you might fit into the cannabis industry as a ganjapreneur, should you decide to pursue your own cannabis business. In 1938, Popular Mechanics magazine called cannabis hemp the "New Billion Dollar Crop" and estimated that it had over 25,000 uses. Once you add the medicinal cannabis industry to the equation, that means thousands of opportunities to develop a new cannabis business and get in on the ground floor of a whole new industry!

Do you have job placement?
Yes, we have a growing network of cannabis professionals that is continuously growing. We don't guarantee jobs, but we can certainly help promote you once you achieve your certification. Click here for more information on cannabis job opportunities.

What are your Academic Policies?
Please click here to see a full list of our Academic Policies.

Do you provide cannabis or marijuana?
We are not a medical or recreational marijuana provider. We do not supply or sell medicinal cannabis or hemp. We are an educational organization only, striving to provide the best education in the benefits and uses of cannabis and hemp.

Do you have live training courses?
Yes, CHA also offers live courses that students can participate in either in person or remotely. Subscribe to our email list to be notified of upcoming cannabis and hemp training courses.

What is the difference between cannabis and hemp?
Even though cannabis and hemp describe the exact same plant, their composition, cultivation, processing and end uses are sufficiently different that it is often useful to draw a distinction between cannabis and hemp.

Terminology: Cannabis vs. Hemp
Throughout our courses, we use the word "cannabis" generally as an overall term, to mean any variety the plant Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica.

We will also use the word "cannabis" or "medicinal cannabis" to mean psychoactive or high-THC preparations of the cannabis plant used for medicine.

We usually use the word "hemp" or "industrial hemp" to mean cannabis plants that are non-psychoactive and low in THC and are grown primarily as industrial crop, for building materials, paper, plastic, fiber, seed oil, etc.

Marijuana is a Racist Word
We try to use the word "marijuana" or "marihuana" only when we are referring to laws or racist propaganda that contain those terms. The word "marijuana" is a racist term that was invented in the 1920s during the Reefer Madness campaign to demonize cannabis. Cannabis and hemp opponents wanted to convince the public that Mexicans and black people were smoking cannabis and raping white women, so they coined the word "marijuana" to give the herb a racist connotation. The public did not realize that "marijuana" was what they had always known as "cannabis" or "hemp". The public believed that "marijuana" was some new devil weed, which was causing mayhem and madness among minorities. We try to use only the historically correct terms, cannabis or hemp.

Where do current students go to login?
Current students should go directly to the Continuing Students Login to login and continue their classes.

How do I get my login information?
After you enroll in the Certified Cannabis Specialist Training Program through our webstore, check your email. You will be emailed an "Order Confirmation" with a receipt for the purchase. You will then be emailed "Course Login Instructions" with information on how to login to your course. It may take 24-48 hours to receive your Course Login information. Your Course Login information will ask you to set your password and will allow you to login to the student portal of the Cannabis Hemp Academy online training platform. You will see all your courses listed under "Course Library". You can take the courses in any order, though it is recommended to start with the lower level courses first. The training software will keep track of where you left off, so that you can easily stop and start your learning sessions.

What is the history of the Cannabis Hemp Academy?
The Cannabis Hemp Academy had its beginnings in Colorado in 1992. Under an educational program titled "Hemp Awareness 101", CHA-founders offered general public education courses on cannabis, hemp and medical marijuana through various student groups at the University of Colorado campus. In 2009, with the increase in interest in medical marijuana and industrial hemp in Colorado, the Cannabis Hemp Academy expanded its course offerings and began a certification program in cannabis and hemp through live classes. In 2014, the CHA launched its online school to make our certification programs available to a nationwide and international audience.


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